Melting snow.

The winter wonderland that was the village a few weeks before was fast becoming a mess as snow turned to slush. The seasons change rapidly in the north. The time difference between sunset on arrival to sunset at our departure a month later was two hours, three if you count the man-made daylight savings. The melting snow ran off the mountain in rapid steady streams; small dams built by local children overflowed and washed away within minutes. There was a […]

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Lockdown Polaroids 2.

Expired film and flashbacks under lockdown.

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Farewell to shipmates.

With a single wave from a heavily laden arm, and without looking back, my new found friend swiftly walked away. Aside from thinking he must have strong arms, I was a little surprised by his near indifference, I thought we had become good shipmates. I’ve always approached farewells with much trepidation. I find them to be highly charged emotional events as the minutes and then seconds tick down to zero hour; much like New Year’s Eve, and I hate New […]

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