The Randfontein By Election of 1988.

My Big Break presented itself in the spring of 1988. I’m not sure if one gets a Big Break, it’s more a series of smaller ones that culminate into what looks like The Big One. But this seemed large at the time. I was sent by a daily newspaper to cover an election in a rural Afrikaans stronghold an hour or so west of Johannesburg. The journalist I was assigned with,┬ámet me outside the photography department’s main entrance in a […]

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Lockdown Polaroids 1.

Expired film and flashbacks under lockdown.

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Little Garden.

The little garden, a postage stamp oasis in the middle of the Karoo, where a group of well-dressed people were gathered around a small bench. My opening line, throwing in many flattering words as splendour and lush, worked perfectly and I was invited to step through the front gate to the garden. In a short while I had them pegged as good Christian folk, they said they were going to Laingsburg in the morning for an early church service. Ouma, […]

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