White Sharks.

Apparently, I was setting a record, 45 minutes in the freezing cold Southern Indian Ocean. Normally 20 minutes in these waters is the maximum time in the cage. The cold water coupled with the inactivity of standing in the cage rapidly reduces the body’s temperature. The visibility was an appalling 1 meter, I was panicking as someone was paying me to be there and I couldn’t see anything let alone hope to get a decent shot. I maxed my time […]

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Skua vs Shark.

For some reason, I stayed focused on the skua sitting on the water, I had a weird feeling something insane was about to happen. Just as my finger came off the aperture dial (I opened up to compensate for the black bird) the shark blasted out the water. My finger quickly found the shutter and pushed down so hard I thought surely it would break. Miraculously, in between the mirror flapping up and down, I saw the bird fly out […]

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